For us each project is unique. From its development to its realization. In every production, we focus on the statement and translated the formats in a visual language to contact with the viewer creatively.

Our services include consulting on the concept, the script development as well as the entire production and post production. For each project, we provide a team of specialized, highly skilled professionals. Together we develop and goal-oriented individual concepts and implement them with creativity and sensitivity.


Creative Despite War foregrounds four of the most innovative young Afghan artists in their struggle to create and show their artwork, in a country were freedom of expression can often be life threatening. Using images that never shows violence, the film is a portrait of the young afghan generation and their hope in a construction of a new country.

Creative Despite War by Ruì Díaz
  • Production: Fish in Water Films / Monoduo Films
  • Duration: 62 min. Full HD.

Guillo escaped a comfortable city life and went to Capurgana, a remote Colombian town on the back of the Darien Gap, near the border with Panama. Now he lives his old age at the Aguacate Bay. Farther away than before, lonelier, without electricity and far form the society, which he finds horrible.

Guillo by Carlos Andrés López

  • Production: Fish in water Films , DFFB.
  • Duration: 40 min. 16 – 9. Full HD

Project and Image Films

An audiovisual work which portrays eight Afghans entrepreneurs that work with the German International Cooperation, and have been able to improve their lives by accessing to special training and workshops.

Heroines and Heroes by Ruì Díaz

  • Production: Fish in water Films
  • Duration: 10 min. Full HD

Web Videos and Comercials