Fish in Water Films was born in 2014 as an idea to use our diverse audiovisual experience to create professional films in different formats, and bringing together: visual quality, assertive research, creativity and social commitment.

For us filmmaking is not just gaining empathy by telling stories, but it is part of a process that can be used as a tool to impulse good ideas and call to the action.

In every production we emphasize in the message, using formats and styles as different visual languages.

Thus, each project is unique. In its development and implementation. From Documentary to Image and Project films. From international Co-productions to Advertising. Fish in Water Films realizes ideas to connect – creatively- with the audience.



Ruì Díaz

Ruì has worked as a main producer & director on various audiovisual projects, from assignments for major brands such as Riot Games or Home 24, to high-impact social campaigns for Medico International, GIZ or Al Jazeera. His experience in different formats makes him a reference when it comes to decide the best production strategy for each customer. From Documentaries to Web Clips or Animations to Image Films, he is a film producer with endless ideas and a strong vision. His latest feature documentary, “Creative Despite War”, was present at several festivals around the world. Since 2014 he has been working as general Producer of almost all the Fish in Water Films projects. He holds a MA in Film from the Barcelona Film School and a PG in Documentary from UA Barcelona. He is experienced as film director and producer for international organisations and NGOs, portraying their work in conflict regions.


Anna Nonnenmacher

Anna is the Executive Producer of Fish in Water Films and that’s why everything goes through her experienced analysis. She has worked on different projects and various formats, always making inspiring stories and productions focused on content rather than form. She is an anthropologist from the Free University of Berlin, but for many years she has worked producing everything that comes out of our fish tank. Her latest work is related to sustainability and waste management in third world countries.


Carlos Andrés López

has worked as DoP on documentaries, fiction films and other formats around the world. He studied cinematography at the Film Academy in Berlin (dffb), and Audiovisual Media in Bogotá. His work has been shown in festivals such as Berlinale, Bildrausch Basel, Kurzfilmtage Oberhaussen or Dok-Leipzig, among others. Carlos latest work as Director is the documentary “Guillo”, shot in a remote town in Colombia.